Teacher Recruitment

Interested applicants, please send your resume and cover letter to the following email address:



Are you interested in early-childhood education?

Are you enthusiastic and energetic around children?

Are you hoping to work with a strong, committed team in a Total English Immersion Program?

Then come join our program.  Be Academy is an International Preschool with a day program for preschool-aged children and a conversational English school, located in Hirakata city, Osaka, Japan.

At Be Academy loving children is the first step we take. Thus, we practice education with love.

We welcome teachers who share our education philosophy and endeavor to feel the joy of work and personal growth.

Company Summary

 BE Academy is owned and managed by ErisArk Co.Ltd., founded by Shigemitsu Koike in 2003.

Be Academy currently employs a total of 26 employees, including foreign and Japanese staff.  Be Academy’s administration goal is to provide happiness to children and their parents through childcare and education.

Our educational philosophy is centered on the principles of education with love.

We aim to satisfy our customers and build a comfortable relationship by offering our service with love and kindness, a timely response and resolution, and seamless teamwork.

We want to be known for our children’s English speaking fluency, clear pronunciation and speaking confidence.

We fully understand that our staff is the main element that empowers Be Academy and therefore endeavor to hire and promote the best in the field.

Working Environment


Teachers work in one location, assigned to their own classroom or team teaching with other foreign teachers and/or Japanese support staff. Teachers are responsible for curriculum implementation, active communication with both parents and students and securing safety, discipline and organization at all times.

New Teacher Training

All new teachers receive a one month on the job training.

Teachers are paired with seasoned staff to shadow and learn about the company policies and procedures, students and class curriculum.

Trainees strive to help the new teachers feel confident at the completion of their training.  Teachers are observed and evaluated daily.

Both positive and constructive feedback helps our teachers to bond with the other staff and quickly feel like part of the team.   

Teacher Support

Successful applicants receive support and guidance to transition into their new jobs. During training, new teachers receive a 1-month training to prepare for their new positions.

New teachers also receive guidance and support to open a bank account, apply for health insurance and become familiar with the local facilities.  Teachers who are interested in learning Japanese can even attend free lessons, sponsored by the local city hall.

During training, new teachers learn about our program and get to know our students through team teaching. Regular meetings and open communication is encouraged on a daily basis so teachers can talk about their lessons, questions or concerns.  Workshops are also scheduled at the end of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat valuable traits are you looking for in a teacher?
AIn addition to love for the job and good communication skills, we are looking for outgoing and energetic individuals, who enjoy the challenges of working with children. Safety, resourcefulness and initiative when implementing curriculum and a strong sense of work ethic when following company policies and procedures.
QWhat are the principal qualifications to apply for a teaching position?
AApplicants must be native-English speakers or have the English proficiency, both verbal and written, of a native-English speaker.Qualified applicants must also have education in a related field and or experience. To apply for a company sponsored working visa, applicants must be university graduates.
QWhat is the contract duration?
AAll contracts are one year in duration. After a year, teachers who have met all performance expectations and have proven to be an asset to our program, will be eligible for a second-term contract.
QWhen do you accept applications?
AWe accept applications all-year round. Most hiring is done, however, during spring and fall.
QHow long is the hiring process?
AIf you are applying for a company-sponsored work visa, it will usually take approximately two month.If you already have a visa, employment could be immediate.
QHow does the salary compare with the cost of living?
AWe offer a competitive starting salary, and based on performance appraisals, yearly salary increases.